Living in nature

Living in nature and inside the warmth of wood

How can you experience two worlds on one day?
On the same day and every day. Imagine:

A hectic working day with dates, routine work, surprising events, everywhere plastics, metal, glass ... and then you arrive home, where you will be surrounded by the warmth of wood, by a nice acoustics and the fresh air which allows you to breath deeply and calmly and a complete new world of colours.

The log houses by Pohjankari Oy are made out of pure natural materials. The log skeleton is out of Finnish pine or spruce. You may immediately notice, that the air inside of the house is oxygen rich.
The logs work as insulators and at the same time oxygen can come through. In this way they enable a constant humidity inside.
In a log house there is a so-called natural air exchange. Especially for people suffering from allergies a log house is the only proper choice.

The decision to build a Pohjankari Oy log house helps also the nature to save and renew its ecological balance.

Welcome to your own world, in a log house built by Pohjankari Oy.

The natural air exchange based on differences in atmospheric pressure increases life time duration of log house and living quality.