A look at nature

..and the future for all of us

The Finnish pine (Pinus Silvestris) and spruce are incomparable building materials produced by nature. The new production technology has lead to the renaissance of wood as a material and made it at the same time inevitable by thinking about nature and us.

Air conditioning and allergy protection:
A log house breathes and so the room humidity is always at its best. The right humidity keeps bacteria, fungi and viruses away so the log house with its oxygen rich atmosphere is recommended to all persons who have allergies or get easily suffer from respiratory tract infections.

Inner temperature: Logs are a so-called hygroscopic material. They are able to dam warmth. Log houses are always comfortably fresh in summer and warm in winter.

Temperature isolation: The isolation capacity of wood is very good and a log house made out of thick logs is even in the Finnish winter climate suitable to live in. Nevertheless we offer you also the alternative with extra insulation and log-panels inside.

Enduring: Finland is well known for high technology and its forestry industry. Finland’s forestry is one of the best in world and forest is growing steadily. On one summer day the growth rate is more than 1000 km in respect of a staple of 1 x 1 meters - as long as Germany in north-south-direction.

Production’s environmental impact: The institute of building technology (VTT) in Tampere studied the energy balance of houses. A wood constructed outer wall takes only the fourth part of the energy needed to erect a wall made out of tiles. We all know that energy is the key of all. The production as well does not pollute environment and even the waste woodchips are recycled as pellets for heating.

Environmental aspects of assembling: What is the situation on a normal building site? It’s estimated that only in Finland material with the value of 0,7 thousand million Euro is sent to the garbage disposal pit.
The log house will be properly packed and delivered to the building site. The log sections are produced with a precision of a millimetre and the walls are erected with the logs in their selves. Also most of the other wood parts are cut to size and there won’t be any needless waste.
All delivered parts are necessary for the construction of the building.

Wood building has in the North of Europe a tradition of thousands of years.