Pinus Silvestris

Finnish pine is the best natural building material. In summer it grows faster than in winter. You can see this by the annual rings, which are the fingerprints of wood. Any expert can find out in which kind of climate the tree has grown in.

Annual rings also affect an isolation layer against humidity and cold.

Forestry management requires the forests to be able to be renewed. The consequences of this action reach the atmosphere of earth, growing wood produces oxygen
(so-called CO2-sink).

Southern Finnish wood has a softer structure and in the North dead branches remain for a long time on the wood and so you will find large knots in the logs. Pohjankari Oy buys its wood from places in Finland where the least knots on the wood are found.

In recent time in addition to pine, spruce has become more and more popular for large public buildings.

Log Specification

Pohjankari Oy produces its log houses out of squared logs, laminated logs and round logs.

Content of delivery

Complete delivery of all wood material or according to your desires. If required we also erect your log house.

Pohjankari Oy gets its wood out of certificated forests. A pine tree normally grows for 80 to 100 years before it will be cut. Therefore, a new log house has walls with an age of about 100 years.